about Rexults Clinic


A note from our Medical Director

From the beginning, trust and reliability have been the cornerstone of this practice. The team at Rexults, many of whom have a long service standing with the clinic have become familiar faces to our patients. Our attentiveness, ever readiness to address any concern, and years of experience in practice have allowed us to develop long-trusting relationships with all our patients, be it local or overseas. Today, these patients are still regularly coming back, referring their children and grandchildren to us as well. As you embark on this journey with us, we hope that you will become more than a patient, but a friend of Rexults Clinic, in whose hand you know that you will be well taken care of.

Dr EP Wong


Rexults Clinic’s collective goal is to help our patients achieve the radiant complexion and healthy body they desire through the application of clinically proven products and treatments under the supervision of qualified medical professionals.

World Class Technologies

Rexults Clinic pairs treatments using up-to-date equipment and technology together with its unique clinical skincare range. Our doctors specialise in a wide range of skin conditions, facial enhancements/contouring as well our Body Perfecta Program.

Customised Clinic Programs

Our doctors have developed tailor-made treatment programs that combine various equipment modules for better effect.


Skincare Range 
The Rexults clinical skincare range has been researched and developed in labs in the US and Europe by our Medical Director and panel of dermatologists for home use. All products offered at Rexults Clinic have been dermatologically reviewed and clinically tested to address a wide range of skin conditions and concerns.