Body Redefining

Fat accumulated in hips, thighs, and buttocks, as well as cellulite is common among women, while excess fat in the belly and flanks is often found in men.

Interestingly, many people who eat and exercise moderately still battle against stubborn subcutaneous fat. Reducing this, for many, is the final hurdle to attaining their ideal body.

It is what prevents you from having muscle definition in your abs, a trim waist without love handles, or having shapely thighs without cellulite. To treat these problems effectively, ask your doctor for safe and effective solutions that can address this.

Abdomen, Love Handles (Flanks), Saddle Bags, Thighs
The target is the soft subcutaneous fat between the skin and the abdominal wall, not the hard visceral intra-abdominal fat. Additionally, the firmer and softer varieties of subcutaneous fat in the flanks, saddle bags, and thighs are also addressed.

Treatment Options

Body Redefining
Liposonix is an FDA-approved non-invasive, high-intensity, focused ultrasound (HIFU) procedure that breaks down unwanted subcutaneous fat cells. The ultrasound energy heats the deep fatty tissue and breaks it down, without damaging the surrounding skin or overlying tissue.

Following each treatment, a circumferential reduction of 2.5 cm at the waist can be expected after 90 days. Typically, this is approximately one dress size less in females, and one belt notch less in males.

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Body Redefining & Cellulite
VelaShape III is an FDA-approved, non-invasive body shaping treatment used to shrink subcutaneous fat cells and tighten loose skin around it.

Bi-polar radiofrequency, infrared light energy, plus vacuum and mechanical massage increase the metabolic rate of the fat cells, and enhance lymphatic drainage, thereby reduce the size of the fat cells and fat chambers. This results in the gradual sculpting and shaping of the body and the gradual smoothening of the skin’s surface, with a noticeable reduction in cellulite.

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