Illuminate Therapy

Light emitting diode (LED) therapy was originally developed by NASA in their plant growth experiments, and consequently it was discovered that pure wavelengths of low-level light therapy (LLLT) harness the ability to promote specific therapeutic actions within skin cells.

Red LED light: Is proven to speed up cell activity and improve the levels of both collagen and elastin in the skin by stimulating the fibroblasts cells in the deep layers of the skin. We also use Red LED therapy in conjunction with other procedures to kickstart the healing process, where your skin will respond to the light by building, strengthening, and maximising cellular structure. It is also a medically-approved treatment for rosacea.

Yellow LED light: Increases nutrient exchange in the skin while stimulating dermal blood flow. We use it to speed up the healing process and brighten the skin after skin-rejuvenating laser procedures. It is also used in the treatment of rosacea, eczema and psoriasis.

Blue LED light: Is helpful in reducing acne-causing bacteria and resultant inflammation, making it an excellent tool to treat acne.

For Treatment Of


20 min per LED colour

What To Expect

This non-invasive therapy involves LED (Light-emitting diode) radiant energy delivered to the skin at the cellular level. Heat is generated from the beam of light but is well-tolerated.

An OT staff or patient care counsellor will be in attendance throughout the session.

Your session may consist of one or more LED lights to address specific needs, and can be done as a standalone treatment or as part of the treatment protocol for several other procedures (such as laser treatments).

The procedure is painless and each session involves approximately 20 minutes of LED exposure to the face and neck. A series of sessions spaced 4 weeks apart is recommended for better results.


There is no downtime for this treatment. You can return to your normal routine at the end of the treatment.